More than renting a car in Costa Rica for you,
we aim to be your co-pilots throughout your trip so you can have a unique Pura Vida experience.

Why, you ask?

It’s simple: we know you’re not coming to Costa Rica because you want to rent a car. Rather, you want to rent a car to see Costa Rica under your own terms. Right?

How we can serve as your co-pilots

We provide from the early stages of the trip planning.
Our mission is to add value to your travel experience in Costa Rica.
This means:

No hidden costs.


More than 52 certified mechanic workshops covering the entire country for you to have assistance in less than 20 minutes in case needed.

We get the times, aka: innovation.

A country without labeled roads

You may have heard that we have no addresses. We do (we think), but nobody ever told us about them. Our app connects with our most trusted GPS navigation software to help you get to your destinations in the most safe, reliable and fastest route possible.

A small territory with diverse landscapes

Although Costa Rica is no more than 52,000 km2, there’s quite a lot to see and it can be overwhelming to build an itinerary. We’ve been and done that, and took plenty of videos and photos for you to see and pick your favorites according to your tastes.

Recommending what we know to be best

We’ve traveled too, and we know the frustration of getting sold into tourist trap. We’ve driven throughout Costa Rica to taste first-hand what’s out there and not only give our recommendations, but also provide you with a good few discounts for your trip 😉

A friends & family Costa Rican car rental company that has grown and innovated for the past 30 years.

Why back to a local brand?

As Costa Ricans, we know our country like no franchise could ever come close to. We know which cars are best for our land’s surface and why. We’ve educated ourselves with our country’s laws so we can provide you insurance packages that actually mold to our passengers. We know what to recommend because we’ve been there.

We actually want you to love your trip to Costa Rica - and we know that we can play a big role in your experience.

Our mission is to add value to every traveler’s experience,
one rental at a time.

Don’t miss out on the fun!

We’re not ready to let you leave just yet. We’re continuously creating content to aid you intomaking the most accurate decisions for your upcoming journey.
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